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A Celebratory Confession of Wrongness

Something I have been culturing in myself is a comfort in being wrong. I’d rather admit I was wrong about something and learn to be right than pretend I’ve been right all along when I’m not. So in this spirit (and the Catholic tradition of confession, bringing this full circle to my last post), here are some (mostly lighthearted) things I have been wrong about…

1) A Song of Ice and Fire


Yeah. This is a big one. Can you believe there was a time, I... I! LaComtesse of House Jezebel... "just couldn't get into it"? I don't know what flipped that switch, but I'm so glad it was flipped.

2) Radiohead

I may blame this on my friends G&S back in college, who were religiously devoted to Radiohead and simply scoffed at me when I said I wasn't into them. But wow. Wrong again, LaComtesse.

3) Avatar: The Last Airbender


Monsieur got into this show the same summer I got into So You Think You Can Dance. He would watch on his laptop with headphones while I squealed over SYTYCD routines. Every now and then I would peer over and tease him for watching his silly cartoon. Then I saw the movie and it was so bad I just had to see the source material. Within a minute I was hooked.

4) Chocolat


This movie is not, in fact, charming and wonderful. It sucks. It took a fourth viewing to realize that.

5) Organ meat


Try everything, folks. And try everything 3 times (the first time might just be the way it is prepared, the second time may be another fluke, but if you don't like it a third time go ahead and cross it off your list). I've eaten so many delicious things because I've been willing to admit I was being narrow minded about acceptable foods.

6) Women's Studies/Calling Yourself a Feminist


A young and sheltered LaComtesse didn't "see the point" of either of these things. Fortunately, it was not something that took me TOO long to figure out once I became an adult.

And you, Jezebelles and Jezebeaux? Confess and be absolved!

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