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A Certain Former Jezebel Writer Is Now Facing Felony Charges


Police arrested Pasadena City College’s infamous “Porn Professor” on suspicion of driving under the influence after the car he was driving collided with another vehicle in San Benito County.

Hugo Schwyzer, who was arrested Friday, has been charged with felony driving under the influence with special circumstances of causing injury to another person, according to Sgt. Brian Lepore of the San Benito County Sheriff’s Department. Schwyzer is out on bail and scheduled to appear in San Benito County court on Nov 5.

Schwyzer posted on his blog Monday that he was “under the influence of 6 milligrams of Klonopin” and said the young woman he hit while driving with his mother was airlifted from the scene with injuries.


Melting down on your own time is one thing. Embarrassing people who trusted you is one thing. Being the Second-Biggest Douche in the Universe is one thing. Internet train wrecks are one thing. Felony DUI?

I hope the judge rethinks his bail.

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