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Hi All, judging by the posts most of us seem to be putting up around here lately, it appears that plenty of us are stressed, agitated, worried, depressed, or otherwise unhappy about things around us lately—whether having to do with the election, or just our own private lives.

And it’s been making me ponder, because i’ve been feeling that way a lot, too.

I know that I’ve mentioned the “3 Good Things” studies a few times around here. Here’s the infographic about it from the Mid-Michigan Health website. (Yes, it is a bit healthcare-worker focused! BUT, it is also VERY general-population translatable!)


And here’s a YouTube link of Dr Sexton explaining how the study works:

My town, and two other local communities here in Minnesota participated in our own version of the study last fall, for Dr. Sexton and his students at Duke University.

I actually DID feel a little better after the two weeks were up, because even though some days it was HARD to find 3 GOOD things that had happened that day, the perspective change of looking for them really DID seem to shift the way I approached my day a bit.... buuuuut that was a year ago now.

So (finally!) I get to the challenge-ish bit:

Would anyone else be interested in trying a nightly “3 Good Things” post with me for the next 2 weeks? (Starting tonight as “Day 1" and going until Day 14, on Nov. 3rd? Or we could do an “opener” tonight, and then really go from tomorrow through the 4th)


I’ll try to get the starting post up sometime between 7-8 pm Central Time (U.S.), and figured we could just share our 3 things in the replies—and If for for some reason I can’t get the opening post up, anyone with posting privileges who wants to can open it up at around that that time of day.

(I’ll pop my 3 things down in the comments)

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