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I’ve been posting here for ages and received some amazing love and support that enriched my life through some tough times (spouses psychotic break, leaving my emotionally abusive marriage, family violence, etc). For those not interested in my trials and tribulations (most people), just skip.

I haven’t posted much. I’ve been busy (mostly having fun). Although my wife and I ended our marriage awhile ago, she has continued to live with me until her disabilty hearing, and when it wasn’t a favorable outcome until she re-entered the work force. We will live separate soon. I will move out sometime between July and Sept. It will be my first time not living with a partner in...20ish years so exciting and scary.

I started dating again about 10 months ago. I did a lot of casual dating and had fun and fucked up and all that stuff. I accidentally met someone great and it’s more than casual now, but also not too serious. It’s just right and still in the “feels to good to be true stage”. It’s still relaxed and an open relationship so I don’t feel trapped or controlled (like I did for much of my marriage). I am still enjoying my freedom.


I’ve struggled with some serious guilt, self doubt, and anxiety. I am managing it though. I still lurk here everyday. I just don’t post too much. I was asking for a ton of dating advice when I first jumped back in, and didn’t want to become annoying with my questions and updates.

Anyway, a little update and lots of gratitude to everyone here who’s been so helpful to me.

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