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Mes petites choux!

Today I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. Ok, it's not so little. Honestly, it's come in handy more than once, and is something that I suspect you lovelies will get tons of use out of. I hope you enjoy!

So, you've just dropped your favorite blush - you know, the one that cost you $40, gave you just the right 'glow', and that is impossible to get anywhere near where you are. It was the prize of your makeup collection, and now it's shattered, seemingly salvageable and destined for the garbage. You can see the pieces mingling together in the pan, pretending like everything is ok, calling out to you "but you can still use us!" You know, however, that as soon as you put brush to powder things will really fall apart, pieces will start flying, and you'll really lose it all to the greedy maw of the bathroom floor. Sighing deeply, you move to bury it in the garbage pail - the deeper you bury it, the less likely you'll see it sitting there forlornly, shaming you by its very presence.

But wait, something catches the corner of your eye in the cleaning supplies cupboard. Realization dawning, you remember reading something eons ago that might help you here. "Well, it can't hurt to try!" you think to your self, slowly drawing the compact back up and placing it gingerly on the table.

It never hurts to try.

Does that story resonate with you? Are you holding your breath, wondering what comes next? Oh good, that's what I was going for! Now, let's get on with actually fixing the thing, shall we? (Note: this process ONLY works for powders. It works for all sorts of powders, to be sure, but it'll be much less effective if you somehow manage to mess a creamier product up in this way. Actually, if you DO manage to do that, please send me the story and also pictures? Because you might be Magic.)


Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Unfortunate Shattered Makeup

I actually did this process with two different shattered bronzers, one shimmery and one matte, which worked out disconcertingly well for giving you a wide range of 'this is how it looks when you're doing it' examples. A note: the first example, from Smashbox, was originally a couple different colors fanned out in a compact to give you an all-over highlighty and also bronzey glow. Do you guys like how I just make up new terms for these things? I hope you do, because I love it. It's called Fusion Soft Lights in the color Baked Starburst, and because it got SUPER shattered, we have no choice but to meld all the colors together. At least it'll now be usable! The color payoff doesn't actually seem to have changed much - I got this product as a deluxe sample years ago, and have been putting off 'fixing' it for a while now. But for you, anything!


The other is a basic matte bronzer from Pixi - I think I got this one in one of my first Ipsy bags. Love the color, not too dark for Super Pale Winter Jess (I should make a cape, really), just enough to make me not look translucent and sickly. It got dropped and while it only shattered a little bit, I knew it was only a matter of time before it all just went to heck. So, into the fix-it pile it goes! It also means you can see visually how the process works with both matte and shimmer shades. Did I say that already? Oh well, I'm only on my first latte guys.


Isopropyl Alcohol

Friends. This part is ESSENTIAL. I'm not kidding. Every one of you should have some of this stuff just lying around anyway - it's really freaking useful. If not, hie thee to thy nearest grocery store, and buy thee some! It's cheap, and you can use it for so many things. I use a concentration that is 70% isopropyl alcohol, but you can use anything between that and 99%. Any lower and it'll just not work as well. But no, you cannot substitute. Sorry. Just trust me, and don't.



These are not essential. I only recommend you grab a handful if you are not thrilled about getting your hands dirty. Which, while I understand, is also much less fun.

Step 2: Apply Alcohol to Product

This is probably the most self-explanatory part of the whole thing. You want to saturate the powder with the alcohol. Try not to get too much in, but if you do you can just dab it out - or it'll just take longer to dry. You've not ruined anything if you use too much. I'll explain later. Isopropyl alcohol is very forgiving. (Sorry, the picture of the Pixi one just didn't show much of a difference - the damage wasn't nearly as bad)


Step 3: Mush Everything Around

That sounds very scientific, doesn't it?! Seriously, in this step all you're going to do is gently kinda massage the alcohol and the powder together to create a kinda gloopy mess. Then, you're going to smooth that mess down. It doesn't have to be perfect - remember, you just want a usable product, it doesn't have to be Picture Perfect by the time you're done with it. Make sure you really get everything well mixed together. If it's not? Then you'll run into problems down the line. If you're worried about it mixing well, go ahead and let the alcohol absorb for a minute or two before you start smooshing. Remember: gloopy is good! By the end, give it one more go-over to ensure that your gloop is evenly distributed. Now, the hard part.


Step 4: Let Everything Dry

So, the reason this process works so well? Alcohol evaporates. Basically what you're doing is using the alcohol to re-mold the product, and then once it dries it all lifts away. This is why water or some other liquid will not work. This is the hardest part because it can take a while, especially if you're not using a concentration of 99%. I put them in a cool, dry place overnight, and by morning they were perfectly dry. You're perchance a perfectionist? If you want to get it smoother you could always grab a fine grain sheet of sanding paper and go ahead and smooth everything out a bit more. I'm not so OCD as all that, I just wanted to be able to use these two things again!


Step 5: Use Your Products Again!

Oh frabjous day, caloo calay!

Now you've got reconstituted lovely makeup! I first tried this on my NARS Orgasm blush and... well, it doesn't look pretty. Not nearly as pretty as these turned out. But, it works. They all work. Which, when you're spending that kind of money on makeup, means a whole heck of a lot. Waste not, want not my friends!


Have you done this before? Are you excited to try it? Have I maybe changed your life a little? I hope so. Now, go off and try it my wonderful little cabbages, and then come back pronto to tell me how it goes! Remember: I need to live vicariously through you. Oh right, I'm also nosy :)