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So last week, one of the women who was supposed to have made a complaint against Mr. Ivriniel contacted him on Facebook. They had been Facebook friends before the whole mess last spring, and not only did she not de-friend him when the crap went down, she continued to comment on his posts. We were always kind of WTF? about that, but now we know why.

They chatted for a bit, and then she brought up his firing. She told Mr. Ivriniel her version of events, and he said "Really? What you are telling me doesn't match the letter that they showed me." She said "Letter? What letter?"

THEY FORGED A LETTER from at least one of Mr. I's ex-coworkers. I'm thinking probably more than one. Because if they had anything concrete, they wouldn't have felt the need to forge even one letter.


Then the other night, he met up with a couple of other former coworkers, one who still works at the company, the other does not. After Mr. I "voluntarily resigned", the coworker who still works there was pulled into a meeting with the VP, the HR manager, and her supervisor, and asked what she thought of Mr. I's leaving. She told them it was a terrible mistake. So then the VP started telling her what the allegations against Mr. I had been.

Um, what? Given that they never actually concluded their investigation (and given that there was letter forging involved, we now know why it was just dropped), those allegations shouldn't be being repeated to anyone.

Oh, and apparently now that Mr. Ivriniel is gone, the only person who can even attempt to do some of the stuff he used to do is the President of the company himself.

And word has gotten out that the VP drove Mr. I away from the company, and the VP has found himself blackballed by clients. Apparently some clients have hung up on him mid telephone conversation and others have taken their business elsewhere.


Add to that that just before Mr. I was let go, the company hired a Sales topgun to run the sales department and drum up business. The Sales topgun, who has been in the field for 20 years, is openly contemptuous of the VP, and has told the President of the company that the VP ( who was in sales before he was put in charge of the consultants) screwed up the sales department, and has no business being in charge of the consultants either.


Ain't Karma grand?

Have I mentioned how glad I am that Mr. Ivriniel is free of that cesspit?

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