Just a quick post to compile all of the debate around small dick comments in one place because I wasn't paying attention to most of it and now I've gone back to try and catch up and lots of people are confused, too. I'm not trying to move the debate here because I don't have too much of a horse in the race, just trying to get it all in one place since there wasn't a consistent tag being used or anything (I'm using Dick Debate, however). So, in semi-chronological order:

A month ago, Wax posted a brief rant on using small dick as an insult.

NYCylist got mainpaged for her piece about comebacks to street harassment. A few of the comebacks involved small dick insults and Kirov remembered the earlier post by Wax and mentioned it which spawned a slightly out of control thread.

Wax then created a separate post in GT to discuss the issue further.


La Piquante wanted to give GT props for having discussions/arguments that prompt a lot of reflection

Kirov created a separate post as well.


Kyosuke weighed in here.

Snacktastic vents about all of yesterdays arguments here.


And here BlueJeans debates the long term vs. short term value of dick jokes.

.....Annnnd I think that might be all of it. Let me know if I missed anything. &Again, this is not a post to continue the debate, I'm just trying to provide some context.