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A Contemplation on my Job Situation

I moved to my current city almost 2 years ago, hoping to find a job-job in the performing arts, but wound up in an engineering consulting firm (as you do). And after the first year, it transitioned from “The private sector is amazing, you guys! Why didn’t anyone tell me about all the middle-class salaries you can make?!” to “Holy crappoly, Misogyny and Possibly Unethical Decision Making and Old White Man Syndrome are real, y’all!” So I was like “NOPE” and noped out of there with nothing else lined up because I am a sucker who believes in Ethical Workplaces! and Teamwork! and Professional Development Opportunities! and Collaboration! and Positive Feedback! and other such socialist idealisms. So I went back to school to study Nonprofit Management, thinking that I could combine that with my semi-useless Master’s degree and over 10 years of experience the arts and get a job-job that kickstarts my career and let’s me shine as the Important Business Woman I want to be. So almost 6 months later and still funemployed, I took a temporary position in the HR department of a nonprofit that houses the homeless, and . . . Well, did you know that there are normal and very nice people out there that support their colleagues and want them to succeed and are gracious and complimentary and don’t tell you that if you just smiled more you’d be pleasant to be around? Because after 5 weeks in a temporary position, the past 2 years of self-doubt and waning self-worth have melted away, and I am ready to reboot my career in the arts with gusto! It just took a handful of super awesome people in a super awesome organization to remind me that I Am an Important Business Woman. Now job, please? 


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