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Welcome To The Bitchery

A continuance of my previous post

So my best friend texted me last night with what I think is a bunch of bullshit.

“So I just wanted to talk to you about why I haven’t been around as much lately. You know I completely support your decision and that I love you. I understand that you’re miserable and that this pregnancy has been rough for you and that you haven’t felt well. However, you chose to be pregnant. I feel like with how much you complain and how stressed out you are, that I can’t complain or be stressed out and that your issues trump mine. I realize this might upset you, but I hope you realize that my feelings are valid too.”


I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like I’m in the wrong here. I told her not to speak to me until further notice. Lately I have listened to her complain about everything from Her living situation, the 5 guys she’s juggling and when they don’t text her back for a few hours, her work situation, how she can’t smoke weed because she’s being drug tested for a wonderful job opportunity. Not that I mind that she vents to me, because I'm her best friend. I kind of thought that's what we do.

Also, she asked how I was feeling! I wouldn’t have mentioned how I’m allergic to my prenatals and that caused an incident in which I vomited with such force that I also shit myself at work (fun!). I’ve never said anything about how my problems trump hers, and if there was anyone I felt like I could complain or vent to, it would be my best friend. But apparently if I have problems, I can’t be supportive in the way she expects. Am I wrong to think she’s completely off base and being selfish? Am I off base and selfish?

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