Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I share my office with someone who works for a different company. As in, we share the space for financial reasons but DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER WHATSOEVER.

The characters: Me, Lady With a Baby (LWB), Joan (person who works for other company)


The scene: I am sitting at my desk, quietly typing away doing Important Work (or commenting on GT, whatever) when LWB saunters in.

LWB: Hi Joan.

Me: I’m not Joan. She’s away from her desk at the moment.

LWB: I need to talk to someone about volunteering.

Me: Okay, well, you need to speak with Joan and she’s away from her desk. I can see if she’s in the break room, though.


LWB: Oh. Do you work for Joan’s Company?

Me: No, but let me go see if I can find Joan for you.

LWB: It’s just that I want to volunteer but I’m not really available to volunteer most of the time because of my baby. Can I volunteer on-call?


Me: I have no idea; I don’t work for Joan’s Company. Let me see if I can find her.

LWB: I mean, I talked with Joan last year about volunteering and I still want to, I just don’t have time to do it on a set schedule.


Me: Let me see if I can find Joan for you, because I don’t know the answer to your question.

LWB: Do you think she could put me on a list of people who can help out sometimes?


Me: I have no idea. I can try to find Joan for you, though.

LWB: I’d really like to volunteer if I can.

Me: Okay, I’m going to find Joan.

LWB: I can only stay for a few minutes.

Me: That’s fine, I’ll be right back. [scurries out to find Joan, comes back 30 seconds later with Joan in tow]


LWB: [has already left]

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