Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A conversation I just had

My mother: I'm having problems with my computer! [describes issue]

Me: Huh. That sounds odd. You should be able to fix it by calling [company]. They can do a password reset and explain the pin thing to you.


My mother: Oh. Well, maybe I could tell Mr. Cunning what happened, and he can fix it.

Me: ... You're aware that I'm technically adept, right?

My mother: Well, you're creative...

Just so all of you know: I'm a developer. I make Internet for a living. I write technical books. I teach technical classes. I'm a well-known technical speaker.


But apparently, I'm not technical enough for my mother to actually believe me when I tell her to call her telecom company to get her email password reset. No, no, have to get a penis involved.

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