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Welcome To The Bitchery

(People were given pseudonyms for this)

*Having Lunch Together*

Gaysian: Y’all, this article...

Syed: What is it?

Gaysian: Apparently Lesbians are 4 times more likely to own a Subaru than their straight counterparts.


Syed: But I own a Subaru.... Does this mean I’m a Lesbian?

Gaysian: No... But doesn’t Hannah own one?

Hannah: If you rent one, what does that mean?

Gaysian: I guess it means I dabble in Lesbianism occasionally?

Sara: You don’t dabble in Lesbianism, you dive into it.

Syed: But you’re both Lesbians, and you use a Subaru?

Sara: Name 3 other Lesbians we know that own a Subaru. I dare you.

Syed: Alice, Jay, Rachel.

Hannah: Name me 3 more.

Syed: Paige, Keira, and Naomi.

Sara: Maybe this is the Gay agenda, as soon as one buys a Subaru, or whatever the Gay, Bisexual, Transgender equivalent is, they turn to the dark side?


Hannah: That’s capitalism for you.

Gaysian: Lay off the green stuff.

Syed: But aren’t there a lot of Subarus in Seattle?

Sara: Correlation doesn’t equal causation.

Hannah: There can’t be that many Lesbians in Seattle.

Syed: The Gay Agenda is taking over, I kid, I kid.

Gaysian: Please shut up, everyone’s looking. They’ll think we’re crazy, if they haven’t called the Police already.

Illustration for article titled An Actual Conversation Me and My Friends Had:

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