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Just a few progress shots of my cosplay that is, in fact, a real thing that is happening.

I got overwhelmed for a minute there and thought it was more than I could handle, but a friend came over and we binged most of season 3 of My Hero Academia and both worked on projects (she cleaned up some game minis while I hand stitched my collar frame) and both were more productive in those few hours than either had been in a month. So my will is renewed and my project coming right along. In no particular order:


I’m altering a pattern for the vest, hoping to have a muslin made tomorrow so I can get some feedback from a friend on the design. I found like literally all of the findings I still needed today, including the above pictured perfect chain. I gave up on finding the perfect buttons, and am instead painting some cover button blanks. I’m waiting for the glue to dry on the collar frame before I stuff it into the partially finished cover so I can hand stitch it closed.


I have not yet begun the belt or kneepads, or purchased combat boots, but I have most of six weeks still until con, which is plenty of time if I keep at it.

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