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A couple of questions y'all might be able to answer for me

So, I have a bunch of questions that have just kind of been kicking around. Since I have a captive audience here (mwahahahaha!) I figured I'd ask them! If you have weird questions of your own, ask away in the comments :)

1) If Welbutrin is supposed to help stop headaches, why did increasing my son's dose from 150 to 300mg give him a nasty headache? But only if he takes the 300mg pill. 2 of the 150mg ones don't seem to have the same effect.

2) Why is my hair falling out in handfuls again??? Why do our bodies react to stress like this, because it's only stressing me out more that my hair is coming out in clumps?! I started taking a hair/skin/nails vitamin, do you think that will help?


3) Why does my cat insist on following me around the house, yelling constantly? He seriously only stops when I go sit in bed and he can jump up by me and snuggle. He's relentless, otherwise. He has food, water, toys, and his brother to go pester, but he just tromps around the house after me, endlessly meowing.

Answer if possible, or ask your own!

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