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Dzokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty. Duh. His lawyer says he did it. And now they have to have a whole second proceeding where they argue about whether he gets the death penalty. I feel like this whole trial was a waste of time and money. The defense repeatedly offered to take life in prison with no parole before the trial and the prosecution said no. Why? Because bloodthirsty and also I'm guessing the prosecutor is gonna go into politics. The whole trial was just a disaster porn-fest with descriptions of terrible damage done - some to children, and won't anyone think of the children. (It reminded me of the Louise Woodward trial which made Boston lose its collective mind in 1997or1998. Lots of tearful emoting about how a child had been harmed and it helped launch Martha Coakley's pathetic political career)

I think this guy is a terrible awful person and did an unforgivable and criminal thing. But killing him doesn't solve anything. It doesn't reattach anyone's limbs or bring the murdered back to life. It doesn't make Boston safer or stronger or able to pronounce the letter R (just kidding Boston, I love you and your accent!)

I would have been happier if this guy had been sentenced to life in prison last year and was already rotting away somewhere (I'm guessing that scary Supermax in Colorado).


Probably take this post with a grain of salt as my mood rates at level :savaging bunnies just because.

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