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Can you clarify what mistake was made? And can you explain to me why your checks are being cashed at a check cashing market and you don't have records of them?

I am going to need receipts of payment from you for our last three payments and in writing that we are paid up fully. I know on my end I have the images of the checks that have been deposited. Since there has been a claim by you made against us that a check bounced, I need to make sure that every single payment is fully accounted for since we have paid up completely every month.


I don't exactly feel comfortable handing the check directly to you, because I did that with our first rent check and that one ended up being cashed at a check cashing market (the same one that this last check ended up being cashed). The second one ended up "lost" and the third has now bounced on your end after trying to be deposited twice. I'm very concerned that the checks I am writing are being stolen. These are very large amounts of money that don't seem to be going to the right place. This is now over $5000 of unaccounted for money. I've just never encountered any issue like this in the past, so it definitely concerning me. Surely you are as concerned as we are about this.

Thank you.

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