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A crime continues!!

So, I still have not heard back from our property manager about my allegations of THEIVERY!!

So this morning I decided to do a bit more research before heading in to work. I have written them 3 checks so far.


One for deposit, first months rent, and application fee.

Second, for second months rent (the one that got lost in the mail and had to be replaced)

Third, for third months rent (the one that is bouncing even though it has been withdrawn from my bank account.

So I go back to my online banking and decide I am going to check each of the checks to see where they have been deposited. I go back to check number two. It has a legitimate bank listed on the back of it. No written endorsement. Just a stamp for deposit at this bank as well as a second stamp from said bank.


Then I go back to the first check I wrote them. This one was for over $3500 because it included deposit and rent. It has a written endorsement on it and a stamp from (NAME REDACTED) MARKET CHECK CASHING!!!!

So now I am confused. Is it possible that this large business, who owns most of the property in a large metropolitan area is cashing rent checks at a tiny market/check cashing place??


I can't rationalize how this is even possible. So I wrote the landlord a second follow up this morning...

Hi (landlord),

I'd like to follow up again. I went through my bank statement and found the two other checks I have written you and they have been deposited at two different places. The first check I ever wrote you was deposited at the same strange check cashing place. I can't imagine a company as large as yours is using a random check cashing place to deposit your rent payments. I am really uneasy by all of this and would like a follow up as well as a discussion on how I will pay you guys rent, since mailing and walking it in has led to my money possibly being stolen.


Can anyone figure out how this may all be a random coincidence and not crime??

Standby for an update.

Edit: My theories are now: The employee who deposits the checks is stealing. The first check we paid, was handed DIRECTLY to the property manager. Sooo either she is involved (for tax fraud purposes, my second theory) or the person depositing the checks somehow hid that first check cashing incident. So THIS MAY GO ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!!

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