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A crime is afoot!!!!!

Ok, so we started renting a loft space a couple months ago....

It's through this huge company that basically owns all the loft space in town and the rental company is run out of a furniture manufacturing building... I think they also run that company as well.


So the first month we had to pay rent, I mailed it in. I double checked the address because I remember her giving me more than one, plus the name I write the check out to is also an address (with a LLC on the end). Confused yet? Ok...

So a week goes by and my first check isn't cashed. I call the company to make sure they received it and they said they hadn't. BLARG! Mail system!!! I immediately put a stop on the check and then we walked a replacement check into the building.

Every time we go there it seems like no one knows what's going on. Are they running a furniture business or are they a rental property management company?

Anyhoo, this check gets deposited immediately and we go along on our merry way. This month, I don't have time to mail, and I feel like there is so much chaos going on in that building, that even if I do mail it, it won't get to the right person and we will look like we dropped the ball again, which we totally didn't... So I drive out on my lunch break and drop it off myself. I go into the main reception area and tell them I need to drop off my rent check for (my building). The woman I talk to seems a liiiiitle confused by my request, but takes my envelope with my check anyways. I text my husband, "I am really doubting they will ever receive that check." As a joke....


Cut to... my check is immediately cashed and I think nothing of it. Yay! They got it this time! A week later, the property manager calls my husband, saying the check bounced. WHAT the WHAT?! I rush to my online banking... We were a bit tight this month, but I know I made sure there were sufficient funds in my account. I look online. It was cashed. I had enough funds. I have the check image. I tell him to tell them that all is good on our end. They say they are going to call their bank back and get to the bottom of it.


We figure... "Clerical error". So a few days go by and I just got another call from the property manager saying the check had a stop on it... They can't cash it.

Hmmmm.... Could they possibly be trying to cash the stopped check that had "gone missing?" No. I compared the check numbers. This was the one I gave them last week. I tell her again... The check cleared on my end and we had enough funds. She asks if there is a stamp on the back. I look at it and start reading it to her... She seems confused. It doesn't sound familiar. She asks for the check image and that she will look into it.


I screencap and send her front and back and then I start reading the stamp on the back of the check myself... "(Name redacted) Market Check Cashing".


Check cashing? That doesn't seem like the place a huge LLC with lots of property would deposit their checks. I google the name. No website. Just a google image of the streetview of a shady ass market/check cashing place in the middle of nowhere.



The person I handed the check to, or perhaps someone else in the office with access to the checks (which honestly seems like it could be anyone, that place seemed so disorganized) took my $1800 check and cashed it!!! And then slipped it back in with the checks to be deposited and tried to cash it again!!!!!!!!!!

A crime!!! I have discovered it!!!!!!!!!


Of course I have immediately emailed the property manager and told her that she probably has an employee stealing from her, along with a screencap pic of the check cashing place that it was cashed at, as well as the check images.

I won't lie... I am enjoying this so much. We are in the clear because the check was already cashed from our end... And someone is about to get caught for a SERIOUS crime. Not a very smart crime, having the check stamped on the back and then trying to deposit again... The gathering of all the evidence and detective work is the best damn part of my day. I'll keep you posted if I hear back from the property manager.

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