Dude, today was crazy. THANK GOD WE WEEKLY 9-5ERS (OR 7-7ERS) ARE OVER THE HUMP.

Started with a 4am wake-up. Big meeting, so I need fancy heels. I also have to lug a 40 pound toddler around because I am forced to drag him out of bed at a god-awful hour, so fuck it if you can't handle a woman in Uggs. Swap to the heels after dropping him at preschool.

Remember when you were in college and you had to take lots of caffeine pills to pull all nighters and finish a paper? This is what I do before creatives. Except I opted out of the late night, because I needed Halfpence cuddles, which resulted in the 4am wake up and early morning prep.


Email from therethere this morning. They finally launched Sacramento, including my design. Don't like how it turned out, but whatever, still exciting.


Flounced out of work at 4:15, picked up the HP early (he bounded off his little bike contraption thingy in excitement, WHICH IS THE BEST), and we hit up the "hay bale store," which is a store by our house which, in the fall, had a bunch of hay bales, resulting in its forever name. Got some wine, some "colored Goldfish" and broccoli. Then, we took a bubble bath together! Which we never do, because I am always rushed.

Watch a bit of the Giants game, HP inquires about the fifth base, resulting in a long conversations about squares, diamonds, and how many corners they have. Then it's story time. I like to read him Olivia books because I get to use my best nasally monotone Gwyneth Paltrow voice.


AND, he zonked right out, so now I can drink wine and totally zone out/fuck around!!

This was a most excellent hump day, although tough to get through. SHOW ME YOUR DAY.