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I’ve seen this video several times over the years and it never fails to hit me in the feels. Today especially. (TW: violent oppression and abuse)

(I do wish this video wasn’t entirely white women, and I do want to point out that when we talk about women’s suffrage that we need to fight alongside WOC facing voter suppression efforts.)


My facebook feed today has been a stream of people posting “I Voted” sticker selfies with the hashtag #I’mWithHer and I’m a wet-faced mess.

I submitted my absentee ballot over the weekend and it was a proud moment. In 2008 I was pregnant with my oldest child (a daughter) and I excitedly watched the results come in. I was so happy and so proud that the world she was born into was one that elected Barack Obama to the presidency. She’s seven now and I am so proud that, in addition to casting a vote for the first black American President, I got to cast a vote for the first woman (I do believe she will be elected and if not I’ll need a whole different post to express my feelings).

I won’t pretend that this election hasn’t been personally damaging. By sheer luck of timing I was fortunate enough to have my therapy appointment this morning and was able to discuss how triggering and hurtful it is to watch that vile Dumpster Fire get as far as he has. We talked about the ways his behavior and the reception he’s received have mirrored the experiences I’m in therapy for. We touched on the fact that this is a world in which so many in my home country have so little regard for people who are like me, and how painful that is.

But as upsetting, exhausting, and even traumatizing this election has been I am still so very joyful to have cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton, and not just because she’s a woman, and not because of some bogus “lesser of two evils” notion. My daughter doesn’t know much about the election (living in Canada she doesn’t hear about it as much as kids in the US do). She knows who I voted for and a very simplistic explanation of why. She knows that after she goes to bed tonight, my boyfriend and I will be staying up to watch the results come in. And she’s asked me to tell her Wednesday morning who won.


Wednesday morning, knock on wood, I’ll be able to creep into her room, wake her gently, and tell her that the United States has elected a woman.

But what I’ll really be saying to her is “You can DO anything. You can BE anything. Go. Do good. Be great.

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