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A Day of Many Wonders

So today was missus chritter & my 17th anniversary of wedded bliss. We celebrated in traditional fashion, first with a Mets game at Citi Field, which the Mets predictably lost, but as we were heading toward the train back home what should our wondering eyes behold but a dog dressed in Mets regalia WITH A PIPE.

Could it be? Is our very own A Dog a Mets fan? Inquiring minds demand answers!

Phase 2 was our traditional Sunday night STEAK NIGHT, except at a nice little midtown brasserie that we like. Had some nice oysters and lobster ravioli appetizers, I got the filet, she got the strip, chocolate beignets for dessert. But as we were walking to the train home, up Lexington Avenue, we pass an ATM and she stops and says "I have to make a withdrawal." Okay, fine. Except it's a CUPCAKE ATM THAT DISPENSES CUPCAKES.


Yes, this is a real thing. So now we're home, eating red belvet cupcakes and watching My Cat From Hell. Life is full of miracles sometimes.

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