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A Deadly Adoption oh wow was that garbage spoilers








Oh wow. That was bad. I guess Will Farrell is going the Robin Williams route, à beard means serious movie.


Oh wow that was bad. My mother wanted to see it she likes Kristen Wiig.

1. Does anyone know how to dial the cops. Its 911.

2. Wiig’s assistant followed the bad guy. Now does he call the police? Nope. He snuck to the back of tye cabin to see into the window and well ya all can guess what happened to him.

3. Now does Wiig remember her assistant called her? Nope not until the near ending.

4. Ok Farrell was shot twice in the arm and shoulder yet was able to get his wife who was out cold out of her car and into their house by carrying her in his arms. He then realized where the fake pregnant lady and his missing daughter are going.


5. Now which goes faster? A boat with an outboard motor or a pickup truck? Yup pickup truck loses. Farrell reaches the bridge and climbs up rocks faster then a truck. Now did anyone think to call the cops to say their sick daughter and kidnapper will be heading to the bridge? Nope.

Now because he cheated that cheating precipated this entire mess. My mother and I said at the end. Why is the wife still with him? Huh? My mother then said to just go to ondemand and let’s watch last ten minutes of Aquarius. We started episode 9 at 7pm then the phone rang and she had me stop the show so when 8pm came we still had ten minutes left. Episodes six and seven were dull last two really good. Three episodes to go.

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