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A Dear Prudence Miss

Prudie's answer to a question from yesterday was... pointless.

Representative Woes wrote in, saying that they work for a college admissions office. Over time, RW has lost all of his or her fucks. People calling in don't use basic manners, are rude and sometimes aggressive. In turn, RW has grown to hate all mankind. I can relate.


I love the company I work for, my bosses, my colleagues and what we're about but damn, I'm at my ropes end with the people I have to deal with on a daily basis. Like, RW, I can't complain about how much I make and I get benefits. I also can't afford to just leave this job and other opportunities aren't really coming into fruition.

Prudie suggests RW look for another job, either on campus or off, and calls it a day. Thanks Prudie, we hadn't considered that! She also suggests RW thinks about how strung out these poor kids must be, waiting to hear back from schools to see what their future holds. Girl, RW and I are past that. I think I can speak for both of us when I say don't curr.

Trying to get me to muster up some sympathy - which I used to have an abundance of until they took it from me - is not the path back. We need coping techniques, dude. How do you guys do it? When you're one dumb question away from an adult tantrum?

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