Somebody killed my cousin last week. Two boys walked up and shot him as he left his house. I have so many cousins and he was four years younger than me so I don't remember him well, but I remember his sister who is about my age and I remember his mother. I feel so sad for them.

Nobody knows who did it or why. Not even the police. Nobody deserves to be gunned down in the street outside their house, but my cousin was, by all accounts, a good kid. My family is poor but we are honest people. We raise our kids well. For the most part we stay out of it weird that I prided our family's record of not being murdered (as far as I know, anyway)? We've had a *lot* of TV soap level trials and tribulations, but no murders.

I can't go to the funeral. It's back home and I wouldn't knew what to do or say if I did. I didn't know him well so I don't know how to talk about what happened without it feeling self-serving. Plus the two people I told got really sad and it was really awkward. How does one bring that stuff up anyway? "Hey, Korra, how are you?" "Not too good, I'm in a shitty mood over work stuff, relationship stuff and also my cousin was murdered. You know, baggage."

So yeah, that happened. Someone died and I don't know how to feel about it.