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A different world

I remember watching this episode when i was in jr high in the late 80's early 90's. And when i went to college i remember all sorts of talk about no meaning no and domestic abuse. But then again i was at a liberal catholic college in the Bay Area. We were also a very diverse campus for the times. This was also around the same period that ADA was passed. It seemed that things were going to keep getting better and there was no need for the instability and political demonstrations of the 60's and 70's.

I remember a lot of talk about assault and consent being driven by the fear of AIDS. There were scary stories about people getting assaulted and then testing positive. I sometimes wonder if i'm imagining that things went backwards in the intervening years. When i started college there were a sizable number of shows aimed at the 'urban/black' market and by the time i graduated those numbers were dwindling and being replaced by more 'conventional/white' casts. Maybe some changes can only happen in cycles.


Oh here's the clip of the bit from the show that stuck with me through all these years...

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