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I was so pumped about the third Cormoran Strike novel because I’m the biggest Potterhead in the world and I’ve read every word JKR has ever committed to paper (yes, even the lame short story about what dicks Sirius and James were as teenagers), and loved almost all of it. The book starts out as a fantastic thriller, it hooked me right up, and I don’t even mind the writing which is a bit too verbose for my taste.

And then, around page 100, MINOR SPOILER WILL FOLLOW HERE, there’s a possible false rape allegation. One of the suspects had been investigated for rape in his past and Strike is inclined to believe his story of a “clumsy, drunken sex” that the girl regretted the next day because her boyfriend found out (cliche much?), because she was “a party girl”. Why, JKR. Why. The only time she decides to write about rape and it’s a painfully formulaic fake rape accusation straight out of the mainstream victim-blaming narrative that’s actually hurting actual rape survivors. I’m so disappointed in her I could cry.

I’m holding out hope it turns out Strike was wrong, but I’m not holding my breath because he’s basically never wrong.

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