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A Dog + Bumblecat Fanfiction

It was a sunny morning, and A Dog was going on his usual walk. Bumblecat was licking herself in her backyard, when she noticed her old nemesis walking past her.

Bumblecat growled at A Dog viciously: "I WILL REND YOU! DOGS ARE SMELLY!" A Dog was not bothered by the cat's yells, because the superiority of dogs is obvious. Cool as a cucumber, he said: "Woof." And continued smoking his pipe casually.

Bumblecat felt a wave of passion violently surge through her body to her heart, and she found it impossible to resist the cool charm of A Dog any longer. She jumped towards A Dog. She felt a terrible yearning. Pent-up frustration and passion that had lingered, nay, accumulated for months plagued her, and she must find release.


Bumblecat nuzzled A Dog.

A Dog said: "Woof".

inspired by the commenter fanfic kinja suggestion which MUST HAPPEN

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