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Welcome To The Bitchery

A downward spiral and a pity party; now things are looking up

Well, yesterday after a fairly productive week I went into a downward spiral. Partly because of financial issues and partly because I don’t know why. Oddly I had just downloaded this guideline for what to do in these situations but I didn’t do any of them, I just kept feeling overwhelmed and taking breaks to play 2048 (which aggravates my back pain and is thus on my forbidden games list). I got about an hour of work done all day. BUT I did do my back therapy exercises and I roasted a couple days’ worth of vegetables.

Then today I got up at 11:40, ate breakfast, had the daily meeting with Cronyboy (mostly about dates for my son’s trip up here over winter break, and parties not to go to), and then had myself a pity party. Does anyone else use that expression? What does it mean for you? I learned it from my friend C, back when we were a pair of lonely high school misfits, and for our pity party we warmed up some Dr. Pepper on the stove and drank it and ate Pop Tarts IIRC. (That actually sounds kind of fun right now actually.) But for my lonely pity party, what I did was, I activated a Lucky Egg and spent a half hour evolving Pokemon and reading Persepolis. It worked! Now I am ready to meet the day. It’s NOT RAINING so I can go for a run, and Cronyboy and I are going to see Arrival tonight.


How do you pity party?

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