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Someone else earlier today asked a question I have pondered for months now:

WTF is a basic bitch? I keep hearing it, I keep not knowing what it means.

It seems to involve liking things that you would see in a "stuff white girls like" youtube video: Starbucks, spinning, saying "totes," ordering everything skinny AND...


own personal observation...

IF YOU SAY BASIC BITCH, IT PROBS APPLIES. Mostly because everyone I have seen/heard use the phrase likes the shit that the internet seems to characterize as "basic."


Fuck off, everyone who wants to insult people for liking things that they like. If I want to get a fucking four dollar latte from Starbucks even though I can't really afford it, kiss my ass. If I feel like revisiting my thirteen year old self by watching Sex and the City, unless you want to talk about its problematicness as it white-washes Manhattan and only introduces PoC to exoticize them, don't judge me. IF I WANT TO GO TO THE GYM OR BRUNCH, EVEN IF I UPDATE FACEBOOK ABOUT IT, DEAL.* Some people like this shit. If they're not doing it to shame or rub privilege in your face, if it's something they're legit excited about, let them be excited. I fucking love brunch. I'm actually with Snacktastic on this one: brunch is the greatest meal known to humankind. I can almost never afford to go. If I have saved up and manage to go, don't go insulting me for getting excited on Facebook. Don't find some random ass word like "basic" to put me down.


*These are not things I personally do, but if someone on your newsfeed does them and they piss you off, UNFOLLOW/UNFRIEND THEM. DON'T BITCH, IGNORE.


**ANOTHER NOTE: if this is something white people have appropriated (as so many terms seem to be) and I have missed it, or if there is some other connotation that I did not find in my five minutes of googling (EXTENSIVE RESEARCH, I KNOW) please enlighten me. PLEASE do. I hate being ignorant to shit (CONTRARY TO WHAT MY FIVE MINUTES OF GOOGLING WOULD INDICATE) and I want ALL THE COOKIES.

***ALSO ALSO: I am drunk. I had my last law school class EVA tonight. So if this is totally incoherent, I'M SORRY.

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