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Welcome To The Bitchery
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A Dumb Thing I Felt the Urge to Share

A few weeks back, as some of you might remember, my roommate tried to lecture me about seeing a play about race that included a white man in the cast (FWIW he was absolutely included as a way of demonstrating that even white liberals who think of themselves as allies can have fucked up ideas about PoC).

This person also got upset when I watched The Wolf of Wall Street because “they shouldn’t be making movies that glorify someone who screwed over so many people” (which then led to a rant about Bonnie and Clyde, never mind that these are movies she hasn’t seen) and thought Jane the Virgin was going to be a show about fetishizing a young girl’s virginity.


She just posted a tirade about how not all media has to be political, and it’s ok to subjectively enjoy something even if it doesn’t conform to your beliefs and worldview.

I... just...

Speaking of subjectively enjoying things that don’t conform to my beliefs and worldview, I’m watching the final two episodes of Justified tonight and I made myself pesto tortellini and I got frozen churros from Trader Joe’s. I’m making the most of this Sunday night. What are you trying to enjoy before Monday starts :-(

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