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A&E never had a problem with their CANCELLED SHOWS (EDIT)

Yup. Same network and two awesome shows that they've cancelled in the past year. Candy Finnegan never said anything anti gay! Matt Paxton either!!!


Speaking of that, they probably didn't have a lot of problems with BIOGRAPHY either!



p.s. When you do an image search for "Intervention" you mostly get rifles.


And yes, the shows had controversies. They both have exploitation aspects. The criticisms of Intervention that go alongside Celebrity Rehab are a little off since the actual therapy is done off camera. It was (sniff) more of a process show that highlighted how the families prepared an intervention and how the subject reacted.


Hoarders is a little more iffy in that the complete haul away is potentially a lot more traumatic and played for drama (Hoarding: Buried Alive initially had a more progressive approach showing the hoarder with their therapist and organizer over a series of weeks/months). However, the illness of not being in touch with their environment has more possibilities with the GRAPHIC EXPOSE style. Follow-up episodes always provided me with better overall feelings about their approach.

ETA: A&E also had (has?) Dog the Bounty Hunter had it's own racist controversy so the network isn't totally new to this game.

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