A facebook friend was recently in a wedding. She (I'll call her Sarah) , a WOC, had made a comment to the bride on facebook about nude shoes vs nude shoes. The comment was lost on me until the wedding photos. The photo shared by Sarah even has the hashtag nude shoes.

The three white bridesmaids have pink/tan shoes that match their skin tone. Sarah is wearing pink/tan shoes that are in no way nude.

I'm not friends with the bride but since it's facebook I still see her SJW posts about racism combined with the fact Sarah said something which is kind of why the photo made me cringe.

The bride could have apologized and everything could be fine. The picture keeps popping up in my feed and makes me cringe. I wanted to tell someone about it somewhere where I wouldn't have to start by explaining nude and skintone.

ETA I just noticed that Kinja ate my title. Bad, Kinja!!