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How do you feel about family that you hate?

I mean, my mother has always been about picking the family you like and leaving the rest. Throughout her life, she's realized her 11 brothers and sisters were all pretty terrible people (it would be hard not to be with the way they were all raised, mom was lucky to be the youngest so she got out the least scathed), and therefore I can't remember meeting any of them. My sister has consistently shown time and again to be a terrible person, vindictive with no remorse and willing to manipulate the law, the emotions of other people, and everyone in her vicinity to serve her purposes. My mom decided first that she didn't want contact with her, then when my great-aunt, who had been shielded from all the things my sister did over the years, finally learned, she didn't want contact either. I was the last one to go, but I've decided today that I'm done and no longer want any contact with her.

On the other hand, Boyrax's family is not like mine at all. To him, family is sacred even if you hate them. The cousin that screwed over the entire family and devastated her father during and after his divorce from her mother had a temporary ban from holidays, and is now back in everyone's life because family. Even though his entire family hates one grandmother, she was still invited regularly to their house up until the day of her death because she was family and that's what you do with family.


What side of the spectrum do you fall on?

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