Well, it happened you guys. I finally fell down the reddit rabbit hole, but instead of upskirt shots and weird fundamental atheism, I have instead found reddit's hidden gem: makeup advice, tutorials, swatches, Q&As and everything in-between.

I know we tend to talk about makeup here a lot, and people often have questions ranging from, "How do I make paint on face?" to "How do I get the right kind of wing on my liner?"

I obviously don't want to lose those discussions here, because they're fun, but r/makeupaddiction is seriously THE shit. Plus they have a whole sub on the side with a list of their top-rated tutorials ranging from basic eyeshadow to DIY blush "pearls."


Either way, I thought I knew quite a bit about makeup, but I've been using that basic eyeshadow routine and it has totally changed my approach for the better. My eyes look more elongated yet soft and subtle. Very very highly recommended.

It's not quite as friendly a community as GT (they're quite strict about their ground rules), but it's worth a look around no matter what level of makeup mastery you're at.


Plus what I love is the emphasis on using the makeup you have to make new looks, rather than obsessively buying and trying new products. I find that I've fallen out of love with pretty much all of my normal YouTube gurus because the community has become so saturated by companies sponsoring these young women (and some men) to the point where they're basically just commercials.

Anyway. Enjoy?

Photo credit TheKittenButcher.