My boyfriend is a teacher at a charter school in a horrible desert town (horrible to us because we are not desert people) and just about all of the students work to contribute to their household income. The school is in a shopping center and two doors down is a family owned pizza place. They usually come by with the leftover pizzas, breadsticks, etc., from their lunch rush and give it to the kids.
One of the teachers decided to get a thank-you card for the pizza owners and have all the students sign it. My boyfriend and another teacher brought it over there, and the other teacher told the owners that sometimes this might be the only meal the students get all day (though I should say, my boyfriend didn't think that was quite accurate but he didn't interrupt.)
So the next day, the owners brought over a bunch of fresh pizzas, garlic bread, potato fries, etc., for everyone. They said they didn't realize what the charter school was and that they wanted to help out in any way they could and they had a huge respect for the students and teachers for being so understanding. And they still do this about three times a week.

How nice are these people? If this story didn't give you a happy feeling, go drink some coffee and read it again, you Vulcan.