So, I talked to Slay about it, and apparently we can't get a Feminist Gamer forum going on here. BUT โ€” I can definitely create an Informe Forum for it. Informe kind of sucks, but it's functional enough. I'm posting on here to ask whether this is something people would actually be interested in โ€” if there's enough of a response, I'll get it up (*snicker*) tomorrow and post an invite link to here.

I will also be extremely liberal with a banhammer if any Kotaku trolls attempt to follow us there and screw around. I can promise an absolutely safe space to discuss issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation issues in video games, as well as other game stuff we might be interested in, without having to deal with anyone marginalizing anyone else's opinions on account of not passing some stupid imaginary nerd test (which you automatically fail if you have ovaries).

So who's in?