Some truth telling from the most middle-of-the-road of main stream press outlets:

This is actually cheering me up some. (What’s that about ACCOUNTABILITY you fuckers? Now there’s nobody else to pin the blame on!):

In the meantime, Kurt Eichenwald is going on a righteous rant and deserves to. He’s been truth telling this entire crazy season:

(Not that I agree with him on being okay with people who voted for Trump. I get his rhetoric, but there is no excuse for voting for racism and misogyny. You don’t get excused for being a horrible person just because you wanted this guy in power.)


Time Magazine gives a potted history lesson on the origins of the electoral college:

And, from a smaller source, Greg Pallast gives some numbers on voter suppression and its results:


A “cheering” reminder that this result is not the voice of the majority, it was deliberately engineered.

On a note of hope . . .The Kids are All Right:


The next generation is going to do better. Not all of them, but enough to make a difference. The racist, misogynist backlash to progress may be powerful, but we’re still progressing slowly towards greater justice dammit.