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A few new pics of Buster, AKA the cutest dog ever

I'm clearly not going to give up the proud mom thing any time soon. I have the best boy ever!

Here you can see his Darth Vader tag (this is what gives him his alpha dog confidence, I swear!), and also his favorite cuddly toy—it's hard to see in the pic, but he's actually got his front paws wrapped around it.


And here are a few shots of him curled up in his nighttime bed (it's very cute—he's figured out my pre-bed routine, so as soon he sees me brushing my teeth and washing my face, he gets into his bed, but he won't curl up tightly and close his eyes until I get into bed):


Also, I got a terrifying text from my apartment this morning saying that I had to get rid of him because he's too big. Apparently the management office read "German Shepherd" on the form and decided he was a huge police dog, even though it also listed that he was part dachshund and his weight (13 lbs—the complex doesn't allow pets bigger than 25 lbs) and age (one year, so he's not going to get bigger). He asked for pictures to provide the management company after I reiterated how small Buster is, so hopefully everything will be okay, but I'm going to be nervous until I hear back that's everything's okay. He's smaller than my cats, for god's sake!

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