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Welcome To The Bitchery
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A Few Positive Updates (Personal and Pop-Culture Wise)

So, the world is fucking horrifying right now. This is not news, I know.

I’ve been looking for the right time to share a few things, and I guess now is as good as any?


I sort of finally got a job? It’s just a short term (6 month thing) thing (technically an internship, which means the pay is crap, but I have time to find a part time job). However, its way, way, way more in line with what I want to be doing. And so far, everyone in the office is really great and non-crazy, which is welcome change from my previous job. Plus, it apparently often leads to full time positions. It’s also in DC, which means I had to haul ass last week to move down. I’m going to have to couch surf probably for six months, with sucks but I’ll live.

Man, DC is weird right now....I’ve only ever lived in DC under the Obama administration and it’s probably mostly my imagination, but I feel like I can sense a difference right now.


Next completely random update-I attended a birth! I don’t think I’ve ever discussed it on here, but a few years back I got part way through my doula certification, before life circumstances intervened and I couldn’t finish it. I’ve always regretted this, but I wasn’t really at a point where I wanted to seriously pursue it again.

Anyway, a good friend of my sister’s was 9 months pregnant and having a home birth at the end of September. She apparently mentioned to my sister that her midwife had been encouraging her to get a doula, but she didn’t think she could afford one, and my sister told her that I had sort of been trained.


Cut to me going...gulp? I don’t really have any clue what I’m doing at this point in time.

I met with my sister’s friend and emphatically stressed my lack of experience and what I could and couldn’t do for her, but she was still like, “I’d love to have you if you’re up for it!” And how could I say no to that? We spent a few days before hand practicing massage techniques and other kinds of pain management tips.


So, long story short, we did eventually end up in the hospital with a c-section, after a full day of labor. That said, mom and baby are both healthy. It was a long, intense as fuck day, but I actually think this was ultimately a story of how to do a home birth right: She had a responsible midwife, who gave it a real shot at home, but when it became necessary, she went to the hospital. Yay for modern medicine used in a thoughtful way!

As for me, I was definitely way, way over my head. But I was really honored to be there.


I’m mostly still trying to process the whole thing, if I’m honest.

Pop culture highlights of the weekend:

Because no one else has posted it yet, Kumail Nanjiani’s monologue on SNL! I’ve been waiting for weeks!

And Rachel Bloom is back to generalize about men!

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