Did we all lose our followers/follow count again? I'm not sure because I was never good at remembering to follow people but I'm 70% I had followers and there's no one on my list now.

Also, as we're chatting with Denton about MP retaliation, I was wondering: do you think they also refuse to mainpage certain people? I'm 999.9% sure I'm banned from mainpaging for obvious reasons, but I've also seen some incidents where it seemed to me that things got mainpaged just to rain shit down on the author for the night. Which is worse kind of shitty imho.

LASTLY, Denton mentioned in one of his comments that:

[...]for some reason I'm not going to explore here, relations between writers and readers are particularly acrimonious on Jezebel.

Ooh! Let's gossip! What reasons?

Lastly, lastly, I changed Jez and GT to the new layout just to force myself to learn it but I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out the comments. I'm not sure where threads end and begin. I'm not sure who's replying to whom. MY BRAIN. IT HURTS. hopefully replying to comments on this post will help me figure it out?


ETA: I no longer have Netflix! Anyone want to be my valentine and lend me their netflix account for tomorrow? I will positively die if I have to wait to find and illegally download House of Cards in order to watch it. It is the only thing I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Can you tell I'm single? But yeah... I'll be home so I can binge watch and log out in one day. I used to just change my password to something generic when I lent it and then change it back to lock them out. I'm evil. But yeah.... whoever takes me up will receive love forever and free proofreading and possibly a ghost written paper... but I didn't actually say that... Suggestions for internet based services welcome. :D