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A Few Things About Lolita Style With Links

After a recent post on Jezebel about the intersection of cute and sexy, Japanese fashion and lolita style was brought up. So many people have misunderstood the style that I felt a strong urge to clear some thing up about lolita. I felt the same urge before when lolita was brought up in a post technically unrelated to the style. Another post actually about the style gained a lot of negativity. I've come to the conclusion that some things need to be cleared up about lolita fashion to the Jezebel community because there is a lot of negativity around it whenever the subject is brought up.


Now, I do not dress in lolita style right now, and I have never been to an official meetup. I have, however, attempted (and failed) at the style in college and did a LOT of research before even attempting. I still occasionally pop in on the main livejournal community EGL to see what's going on, and I still have a few things from my sad attempt. I am sure that if I ever have the privilege to put more effort into the style, I will be more involved.

This is said to say that I know something about the style and have lurked in the community long enough to know a few of the ins and outs.

Anyway, onto the subject at hand: clearing a few things up about lolita fashion, especially in relation to modern feminism.

Well, frankly, I myself don't have to do this. It has been discussed before on the EGL community. The Lolita Handbook has all that one could need to know the basics. If these articles and discussions have been read and you still believe that lolita is a style worn by ageplayers in denial, then all I can ask is that you at least be respectful. Lolitas are just people who like to wear something different and have the courage to actually do it.


Image found on weheartit , and the actual artist who drew the illustrations is Imai Kira, who does a lot of art of girls wearing Lolita.

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