First, go read this great piece on XOJane, 5 Things Not to Say to A Black Feminist. Short, sweet and to the point. Loved it.

Second, it's Carnival Friday!!!!!! Incomprehensibly happy right now. In a few hours I'm going to be bubbling my bumcee to the sweet sounds of my favourite soca tunes at Soca Monarch and I CANNOT WAIT. It's taken me ages to finally get into the Carnival spirit this year, but now I'm practically bursting. Here's one of my favourite songs from this year just so you know HOW AMAZING my night is gonna be :)

Also remember I had randomly mentioned a writing gig a while back? I had my first two pieces published today! WOOT! So there's a cheque in my future, and I am PLEASED.

Also, also, remember I had mentioned a university wanting to use my work and not wanting to pay because Kinja? The got back to me, and it turns out they get their permissions from some third party, and they had kinja rules screwed up, so when they checked properly, they realized I was right, and APOLOGIZED. That makes me irrationally happy. They still want to use the pieces and I'm inclined to say yes just because they weren't dicks about being wrong. I haven't decided but I'll probably let them.

Today is a good day. *wiggles bumcee*