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First thank you so much for how kind and warm you were to me last night with my post.

I read I Am Fines post. Its wonderful. One thing about that struck me was something I nearly wrote about a few weeks ago but I Am Fine and Askim, Hannister and others wrote had this idea that I nearly wrote but thought it was weird since I was probably alone in this.

When one posts and comments one has a certain responsibility to the group. Which is a “of course”. Yet the more you post and comment your responsibility to the group increases. Responsibility in terms of wanting the group to survive and flourish. I know that may be weird but now I doubt it. I think its normal feeling.


Speaking of posts as much as I believe in letting people post as much as they want. I am not stupid about that belief. We should have a number for each 24 hour period. It should not be a hard and fast rule but there should be a number.

First I have found via usenet and here number of posts by one person is a rare problem. Why? Most people feel comfortable commenting with a few posts sprinkled in. I define myself as a poster I was a pure poster back in the 90s on usenet I almost never commented on any posts but mine. Now its a mixture.

My true love is posting. I love finding articles to share, my ideas, experiences.

I limit up to five every 24 hours. Usually three or four. I do not think there are many folks who prefer posting.


I Am Fine posted the increasing lack of content. This is not the time to discuss limiting anyone. I will do max 5 every 24 hours with some exceptions.

Once we stabilize and increase number of writers then we should probably have a limit. Again I hate nay despise telling anyone who truly wants to share to post less. There are 24 hours in a day I think 8 it averages once every three hours, well people sleep. I seriously doubt anyone will hit 8 a day.


Using 8 few will say “thats not enough” but also feel not stressed thinking they will reach it. It also allows someone who just feels they need to connect with other people room to post with minmal stress. If they post more, just a friendly reminder.

Again I believe folks who prefer postng over commenting is fairly rare. People posting more then 5 posts a day rarer still.



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