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Hey fellow Groupthinkers. (Groupthinkans?)

I know I haven’t been around a ton recently. It turns out a 9-5 job plus 3-4 hours of commuting time is exhausting!

Fortunately I have finally moved into a sublet in the city and hopefully I will get to be a person again and not just a passenger on stalled trains. I do have to search for permanent housing now, but that’s for another day.

The job is...honestly I’m not sure yet. I mostly like my officemates? The work has been a huge learning curve, which is fine EXCEPT I’m learning the hard way that I can’t always rely on my supervisor to clearly communicate project expectations to me. And most of the time she doesn’t really know how to do the tasks anyway. (The person I’m replacing worked super independently.) So it’s been a lot of operating in the dark while trying not to cross lines I don’t realize are there.


But I’m not bitter or anything. (I cried in the bathroom for the first time today. ThatS like a rite of passage, no?) Despite what it may sound like, it’s actually mostly been good. I’m learning a lot and I largely like the people, even if it’s not where I want to end up long term. I just would like things to feel a little less unpredictable.

Hello you’ve reached the fun question!

Pajiba, a website on which I am an inveterate lurker, is hosting their annual Pajiba 10 competition, where people can nominate and vote for the 5 men and 5 women (living) you would like to have a one night stand with, no strings attached and no problems. What’s fun though is that you can nominate based on beauty and brains, so you can some unexpected votes.


Also, as a bonus this year, they’re having people vote on the best Chris.

Tell me your Pajiba 10+Chris in the comments!