**UPDATE** Hey hey hey! Tomorrow’s the big day. There is an outlet mall near the Faire that we could meet and park at if anybody feels like carpooling to the event. The Faire opens at 10 and closes at 7. Email me at becqui926 at yahoo dot com and I can give you my phone number. I’m so excited to see everyone!

Hello, cool cats and charm kittens of the Midwest! Are you ready for some fun?

HoneyHeart and I have our tickets for July 11 (yes, HoneyHeart, I got them!), and we’re thinking those of us who are going should rendezvous at a local motel in Kenosha, then we can either carpool or caravan it to the Ren Faire.

HoneySmacks will be there with her family, and LemonadeLover was planning to go. Anybody else a firm yes or a strongly impressionable maybe?


Let’s get this weekend ON!