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So, I had been wondering what to do when I noticed I had posting privileges today (Thank you!). How can I follow up fancy pigeons??

So, even with the terrible conflicts between team dog and team cat, I figured I would tell you about my dog Zoey. I have posted a couple of picture of her and my mother's dog, Emma the Corgi. My avatar is the two of them, so terribly dejected that they were kicked out of the kitchen on Christmas last year. They were not actually helping, whatever they thought.

We got Zoey a little over two years ago. A rescue corgi we had passed earlier in the year. My parents said no more dogs. They always say no more dogs. Then, of course, my dad heard from someone who's family needed to get rid of a dog. A house of three boys under the age of five. They couldn't handle her anymore. She is an Australian Shepard. They need activity! Like our corgi....


Now, we have been a corgi only family since before I was born. My parents showed corgis! We have corgi art! We have a cabinet that displays all our corgi knick-knacks! How could we possibly bring a non-corgi into the house? Well, we did. I was away at school and came home.

She had originally been bred to be a working dog, but did not have the personality. She is a very silly thing who cannot keep much attention. So she went to this other family. Now she is with us.

For a long, long time, she was NOT okay with men. My father is 6'2", and the taller the men, the more problems she seemed to have with them. Growling and howling when my dad would come home, but she settled with him. She freaked out at my uncle one time because he moved quickly across the room.

She did, however, take to Boyfriend almost immediately. Much, much faster than any other man! He's probably one of her favorite people, and whenever he is over my house, she is all over him. She jumps on the couch with him, onto the bed with him, and will sit and the end of the bed and watch him when he is on the computer. It's adorable, really.


We did find out some ways she had been "disciplined". News papers bothered her. And, one day, my mother and I were in the kitchen, and she was making dinner. She turned the pasta container over to measure out the portion, and it made a clunk noise. Zoey started barking, and put her front paws up on my mother, like she will do some times. She was so worried about the pasta! My mother thinks that someone had thrown cans filled with coins at her when she was doing something wrong.

She is an angel. Whenever I have wet hair and sit on the couch, she will roll on my head, pulling out my post shower bun, or trying to undo a braid. She has started to do this even when I don't have wet hair! She also loves laundry day when my mom puts the towels on the ground. She rolls, and rolls, and rolls.


I've been wanting to try to get video, and if I do, I will have to share!

Thank you for reading about my puppy baby, and here is a picture of the silly thing:

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