Yesterday was freedom/liberation day in the Netherlands. The weather was fierce, brightly sunny one second, icy cold the next. After braving the wind for a few hours we decided to have a drink inside and then went for dinner at this adorable italian place my coworker knew.

As is tradition in adorable little italian places there was a really hot italian waiter. He could have been butt ugly but with that accent, who could resist. Every time he brought something to our table I thanked him, and apparently he appreciated this. Half the table had left but the 4 of us were treated to two rounds of limoncello which I insisted he drink with us. After dessert (we wanted tiramisu, we got a bunch of everything because they only had 2 tiramisu left) we got another round of the last leftovers of scroppino, which I again insisted he drank with us. Then I went to pay for my drinks I told him I was giving him a tip. He (with his adorable accent) insisted against a tip, he couldn’t accept it! So I gave him my number, a wink and strutted out of there.
I found it hilarious. My coworker and her friend thought I was amazing. “WHAAAT We have so much to learn about the single game!” and I was just “LOL”. It was hilarious.

So with this happy feeling I was biking myself home at high speed around midnight when I passed a car that was parked half on the curb. Next thing I know I’m laying on the ground with pain in my butt/tailbone, elbows and back of my head. Some stupid girl had thrown open her car door while I was passing and I went flying off of my bike, landing with the back of my head on the curb in middle of the road.
I was a bit disoriented. Someone yelled
“Don’t move! Wait.. can you move?”
“Err.. I think so? yeah?”
“Oh okay better get you off of the road then” a few guys lifted me up, propped me down in a seat and brought my bike to me. I was still bawling and unable to stop. I noticed there were a bunch of people asking me if I was okay and I said I was. Someone brought me a glass of water. The girl who knocked me over, knocked that over too.
When my bawling had turned to laugh-crying the girl who’d opened up her car door while I was driving past (effectively making me fly off my bike at high speed) asked “So like, are you okay? That looked like it SUCKED.” “Well.. it did suck.” and then invited me to go clubbing with her and her girlfriends. I politely declined.
Some random person who I don’t remember told me that I’d better write down the licence plate just in case and I snapped a picture and headed home after kicking my bike back into shape. I cried the whole way home and woke up this morning with pain everywhere.

I’m still fuzzy, a bit nausious and the back of my head hurts sometimes (but not all the time). I’m not sure how much of my tiredness is from my brain feeling all scrampled or from the hangover. I’m going to the doctor in a few hours just in case. I don’t feel quite right, but I’m hoping a good nights rest will help it pass. And my left ring finger top knuckle really hurts. Also my behind. I always thought my butt was bouncy enough to take the fall for me, but this was just too much for the poor thing.


So that was my night last night! How are you? :)