Hey guys. So, I got enough of a response when I asked if people would like a safe space to talk about video games and other nerd things free of the Kotaku commentariat that I went ahead and set up an Informe for us. The site is gamebreakers.informe.com (by the time I had thought of calling it The Significant Other I was scared it was too late to change it without bricking it somehow, so GameBreakers it is - for now, anyway).

Please make sure your username is the same as your Groupthink name; as the admin, I have to approve all usernames, and this makes it very easy for me to immediately tell who is not a troll. If for some reason you're unable to do that, please post the username you registered under in the comments to this article. It might take a minute to approve users (I have to click a link in my e-mail) โ€” but that's a small price to pay for keeping trolls like Teacosy out.

Have fun, and I look forward to reading/discussing what people have to say!

Edit: I just tested everything out using an alternate username. It should be working just fine at this point.
Edit II: Electric Editloo: Oooooookay, so the issue people were having where it says the forum doesn't exist? Yup, just popped up for me. It was doing this when I first created it, but then sorted itself out. My only conclusion is that this will be a self-correcting issue, because as far as I can tell, there is no reason for it to be doing this. Informe is just buggy as shit (in my defense, I did mention this fact beforehand). In short: I could not possibly be more angry at the internet right now.
Edit III: Revenge of the Edit: Sweet hallelujah, but it appears the forum is functional again โ€” and actually working this time. Fightinginfishnets was able to actually post something, so I know the permissions settings work and it SHOULD be good to go. At least I fucking hope so; 12 hours of fighting with informe is far more than I would've asked for.