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A friend called me a "feminazi"

And accused me of thinking all men want to rape me.

This was after I said that he was using problematic stereotypes when talking about Christy Mack's assault. He said something to the effect of "A porn star who fucks tons of people and a fighter named War Machine... DUH, of course he was gonna beat the shit out of her!"

This all went down on facebook (of course) after I very calmly explained that I felt he maybe shouldn't be using people's professions to form assumptions about their tendency toward abusive behavior or their likelihood of being abused. I reminded him that there are plenty of non-abusive MMA fighters and plenty of un-abused sex workers. That's when he tagged me in a comment and said, "You can expect this stuff from sklay, she's a feminazi. You think all men want is to fuck and beat and rape you."


I unfriended him. Later a phone call happened and he apologized, admitted he was wrong to say those things, also admitted that he knew I would comment on his post, then insisted I take half the blame for the conversation going in the toilet. He said I was half to blame because I commented at all. He said he made the post, knew it was something I would comment on, then said I shouldn't have commented.

Fuck. That.

This is someone I've known for a few years and who I never thought would say something to purposefully hurt me. Never in a million years. But, there were a couple of his buddies egging him on in the comments and I think he decided to grandstand for them. Which really really makes me see him in a very different light.

I haven't received that friend request yet, and the more I think about it the more I wonder if I even want to accept it.

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