Operation Rehome Moondog Complete

A friend of mine in town with no kids and no future plans for kids has agreed to adopt my pooch.

I'm relieved that she's going to a home where I know she'll be safe, loved, well-cared for, and the last goodbye isn't a forever goodbye...

but I'm still really sad. I'm glad my doggie had several happy years with me and many more with my friend but I'm still sad. I'll get to see her once or twice a month when we go have dinner over there but I'm still sad.

I feel like I failed. I hope I feel better at the end of the month when we do the switch. I'm going to take her in to the vet this month for a final checkup and make sure all her boosters are in order, buy some new tags and a new collar to maybe mentally I can get past the 'she isn't my dog anymore'.


I hope I feel relief in a few weeks. Thank you everybody for all your help looking for a home (really, really) and your emotional support. It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday.

Also, why can't I put headlines in? I type them out and then they have no titles??